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Posted by Indexeerder on June 01 2009 11:34:16
This website is a starting place for the Internet. Enthusiasts with a passion for a hobby, sport or topic create start places for your convenience.

A familiar example is startpage. Did you always wanted to have your own link list on a topic that interests you? Grab your chance now! Because almost any topic is available!

Active examples;, Start Pages: PHP-Fusion CMS

Examples of available topics;

Any subject/### you're interested in can be filled in

Websites may not contain illegal, violent, racist, offensive or adult content. This is at the discretion of the administrator to determine.

What do you need? A little knowledge of HTML, a little patience and some free time. You get a ready-installed web site that you manage and organize. I'll take care of the software updates. All free of charge! The only thing I ask in return is to place a number of links and an advertisement on the site. This goes automatic. In addition, you can place your own advertisements.

Contact me if you have an idea. Submit a brief description and a proposition for an Internet address.

Below some suggestions for topics to start an own;

money, tvguide, newsgroup, teletext, search, desktop, help, sports, advertising, business, guide, media, leisure, education, shopping, music, science, leisure, news, computer, hardware, software, map, travel , change, live, buy, tax, legal, free, search, winter sports, football, skating, business, commerce, customer relationship, daily, weekly, yearly, starting, useful, search, info, fun, fun, tips, link tips , headings, web, directory, category listings, stocks, stock, registration service, contractors, accordion, accountants, tax advice, acupuncture, consultants, lawyers, programs, lose weight, diet, antiques, pharmacy, architects, artists agency, athletics, audiovisual , general, hand, car parts, car dealers, car theft, stolen, car purchasing, automation, driving, motor car, motor, bathrooms, hot air balloon, balloon, bands, basic, basketball, beats, charts, corporate, mediation, concrete , fairs, exhibitions, security, billiards, pool, snooker, biological, food, cinema, theater, flowers, plants, trees, nursery, boat, boat rental, construction, bowling, outdoor, neighborhood association, gifts, campsite, motorhome, belgium , foreign, france, netherlands, casino, catering, breakfast service, chat, chat, cheats, computers, cosmetics, roofer, women, dance schools, darts, dating, decoration, design, design, doors, window frames, veterinarian, animal , Animal Shelters, animal, zoo, pet shops, discos, domain name, downloads, drive, show, printing, publishing, diving, diving, DVD, e-mail, electronics, annoyances, party, party, party stores, festival, festivals, bike computers, bicycle , mopeds, bike rental, financial, advice, forum, photography, freebies, physiotherapy, games, games, loans, savings, town, tree, trees, equipment rental, health, health, guitar, golf, graphic, gravestones, mobile, telecom, heart rate meters , fishing, hobby, homeopathy, homepages, dogs, dog, trimsalon, catering, horoscopes, hotels, america, amsterdam, wood, timber, general, pets, support, humor, accommodation, rental, rent, mortgage, import, export, domestic , IT, installation, interim, management, providers, surf, Internet, internet, sales, marketing, internet, tips, marina, parents, journalism, judo, karate, heaters, heating, office, barbershop, hairdresser, hairstyle, hairstyles, cats , kitchens, children's clothing, children's names, child care, clothing, apparel, , clothing rental, courier, coffee, tea, cooking, beads, beads, art, Latin, light, sound, speech, lotto, bingo, Powerball, aviation, lyrics, lyrics, brokers, men magazines, marketing, communications, markets, marketplace, massage, furniture, model, engine, mp3, museums, musical instruments, music, Nail, nature, environment, natural medicine, notaries, components, (domestic), pests, online tests, Opel, Opel clubs, off, cheated, training, recording, studio, storage, opticians, parents, youth, equestrian, horses, paintball, party, party, party rental, pianos, ceiling, walls, poetry, poems, poker, politics, printer, printerink, real, estate, recipes, advertising agencies, recreation, reiki, travel agent, travel, gifts, religion, restaurants, cafes, ringtones, ring tones, salsa, tango, plumbing, satellite software, satellite shops, sauna, beauty, sauna sales, scanner, painters, paint, school, university, beauty salons, cleaning, fence, railing, scouting, senior citizens, promotion, jewelry, jewelers, bedroom, beds, SMS, toys, gyms, sports, fitness equipment, training, internships, stand, start pages, estate, mpv, dry cleaning, laundry, comics, comic books, student associations, textbooks, plasterers, sudoku, number puzzles, language travel, language, dentist, bags, leather goods, taxi, passenger transport, engineering, tiles, floors, television, tonight, tennis, textile, fabrics, textile printing, tea gardens, home, home care, maternal health, magazines, coaches, transportation, marriage, wedding, wedding transport, horticulture, greenhouse, garden, gardens, gardening, garden, used, entertainment, funeral, employment agencies, jobs, vacancies, greece, italy, portugal, spain, holiday homes, czech republic, martial arts, auction, ventilation, associations, moving, rentals, lighting, packaging, translation agencies, insurance, pond, tank, plane tickets, food, public insurance, region, tourism, walking, watersports, webcams, webmasters, website, webdesign, weather, traffic, recruitment, cycling, shopping, shops, supermarkets, white goods, home furnishings, workshops, wrestling, yoga, singing lessons, sailing schools, hospitals, web, sun studio, blinds, blinds, health, pregnancy, childbirth, swimming pool, whirlpool, swimming pools, telephone, banking, gold, virus, mail quickly, mine, BP, postcode, rabobank, route planner, click pointer, babes, radio, television, coloring, children, pregnant women, baby
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